22 cal knife

22 cal knife mine, my wife - my daughter - my sturdy climber of trees Ah, never to climb again. Thus in the dusk of the night, For clouds rolled in the sky and the moon was swallowed from sight, Pacing and gnawing his fists, Rahero raged by the shore. Vengeance that must be his. But much was to do before; And first a single life to be snatched from a deadly place, A life, the root of revenge, surviving plant of the race And next the race to be raised anew, and the lands of the clan Repeopled. So Rahero designed, a prudent man Even in wrath, and turned for the means of revenge and escape A boat to be seized by stealth, a wife to be taken by rape. Still was the 22 cal knife lagoon; beyond on the coral wall, He saw the breakers shine, he heard them bellow and fall.
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